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Canberry = Canberry

Canberra = Canberry

Our name comes from the history of this area. Some say it came from the Ngunnawal word Kambera or Canberry, which is claimed to mean ‘meeting place’. Others say it came from the Australian Canberry, that grew abundantly here, when it was known locally as the Canberry Plains found in maps drawn in 1837.

We’re proud Canberrans

Whatever story you believe, we live and breathe in Canberra. We’re proud of our city, of both its ancient history and this modern history we are all creating. Canberrans have a strong feel for their place and its local spirit and we do too.

Live Where You Love

Live Where You Love

We love Canberra. It’s a simple but powerful idea – live where you love. Since we love it, we care about it and are passionate about the people who live here.

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Add value beyond the transaction

We believe property represents more than land and buildings. For many people, it is their home. We know a home is tied up with so much in our lives that can’t be quantified and we try to add value beyond the legal and financial exchange. For you, it’s a recognition that emotions, feelings and the intangible can be as important as a property feature.

We also work with local business to help grow local business

Experienced team

We are a small tightknit team who will work hard to make your property dreams real. We’re experienced and highly knowledgeable about Canberra property, and we apply the latest innovations and technology to assist you. We always keep our focus on getting you the very best result we can.

Meet our team

Shan Gao

Director Of Sales
0457 038 888


Sarah Cooper

Sales Agent
0478 847 993


Mathew Kocic

Sales Agent
0432 146 159


Bob Zhuang

Sales Agent
0405 217 036


Kevin Ye

Sales Agent
0401 594 998


Curtis Dong

Sales Agent
0449 889 665


Celiya Young

Sales Agent
0430 078 831


Candy Fang

Sales Agent
0434 862 660


Brooke Lloyd

Office Manager
02 6176 0900


Penny Zheng

Sales Agent
0468 909 861


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